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This company doesn't even exist as far as i can find and Pay Pal allows these losers to transfer money to their account. These *** heads don't respond to any emails or show that they are in business.

Pay Pal should shut off any ties to these *** heads. I ordered 4 cars for my grand children and it's just a few days fro xmas and no toys and they took my money. OH I'm sorry I meant to say THEY STOLE MY MONEY.

These people should be reported to the Federal Gov't for fraud. I HOPE THEY ROT IN ***

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I ordered 2 shirts through their web site a month ago. I am still waiting for my product.

They have not replied to many of my emails. The business is owned by HE Long. The 'authorized' PayPal payment via my Amex card is still 'pending', which basically means they have not 'taken' it yet.

The authorization expires in a few days. Then it will be a big fight with PayPal to get the payment canceled grrrrrr

Mount Pleasant, North Carolina, United States #6483

I ordered a product from their website in January. Its now almost April and still have yet to receive the product I ordered.

I sent them MANY emails requesting the product I purchased to no avail. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

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